FYI: Jay-Z Adds Tour Dates, Lil Wayne’s New Video

July 16, 2013 By:

Randy Travis appears to be on his way back to health after suffering a stroke. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Heads up, European music lovers. Jay-Z has added tour stops in Paris, Zurich, Stockholm and Amsterdam. (Pretty Much Amazing)

A new Arcade Fire album is not only on the way, James Murphy, who’s been working on the album, says, “It's really f*cking epic.” (NME)

So, Justin Timberlake’s single “Take Back the Night” is also the name of a group working to end violence against women. Now it’s time to backpedal. (Pitchfork)

Shawn 'Clown' Crahan, a.k.a. the drummer of Slipknot, will make his directorial debut in the adaptation of the graphic novel Officer Downe. (NME)

David Bowie’s got a new music video—for his new single “Valentine’s Day.” Surprisingly, it’s less creepy than his last one with the priest. (Pitchfork)

If you’re following along with Chris Brown’s legal woes, his probation has been revoked. Worst-case scenario: one year in prison. (Rolling Stone)

There’s a new video called “Mr. Popular” by the one and only Riff Raff. It includes star whips and foot-long joints. In other words, it’s amazing. (Vibe)

Lil Wayne’s flag-stomping didn’t make the cut. In his new explicit, New Orleans-set video, “God Bless Amerika,” he raps in front of the still standing red and white stripes. (MTV)

In the backlash following the shocking aquittal of George Zimmerman, Stevie Wonder has decided to boycott the entire state of Florida, because he can. (Gawker)