Jay-Z to Live Stream His Next Concert Online

March 7, 2012 By:
Jay-Z to Live Stream His Next Concert Online

Finally! Now I don’t have to beg my friends to go to a Jay-Z show with me because they always say “Uh, a rap concert?” Now you can all enjoy a full Jay-Z concert from the comfort of your own laptop!

Jay-Z is heading to Austin, TX tech/music/film festival South by Southwest for the second year in a row, and has agreed to live stream his show as part of the “Amex Sync Show” which will be filmed at SXSW on March 12 and streamed simultaneously on YouTube.

There’s nothing like watching an hour+ show on a tiny YouTube video. Can’t wait!

The concert is part of a new tie-in with American Expess where if you have an Amex card and a twitter account you can tweet during the show certain hashtags to get free stuff from Best Buy, McDonalds’s and Zappos as well as tweet song requests for Jay-Z and unlock a digital concert poster.

How is that gonna work? You should write tweets about Jay-Z that will also give you a coupon for McDonalds? Hmmm, oh like, “What She Order? FISH FILET? #WatchTheThrone #McDonalds #Jay-Z”

Jay-Z performed at SXSW last year when he joined Kanye West onstage for VEVO’s G.O.O.D Music Showcase. This year’s performance will be a solo Jay-Z show, but I wouldn’t rule out Kanye making a surprise appearance during the set.

Also, if Twitter has anything to do with it, you know everyone will be requesting to hear “N---as In Paris.”