Jay-Z Streams South by Southwest Show Online

March 13, 2012 By:
Jay-Z Streams South by Southwest Show Online

Jay-Z did a cool thing yesterday. The rap mogul performed an intimate concert at film/music festival South by Southwest yesterday in Austin, but made music and internet history by streaming the concert live on youtube in what was being referred to, and hashtagged as, South by Southwest Amex Sync Show.

Maybe one day all concerts will be streamed online in real time and we’ll all never have to leave our houses again and everyone will turn into mush robots addicted to our Mac Book Pros because everything we need is online! Oh the future is a dark freaky place.

So anyways, this Jay-Z Sync show was very cool. I definitely watched it last night, you could choose to watch the “directors cut,” “audience view” or “stage view,” and it was all in crystal clear HD.

Jay-Z mostly played his old standards. He opened the show with “What More Can I Say,” and went into songs “99 Problems,” “You Don’t Know,” “On To The Next One” and “Big Pimpin” to name a few.

Every time one of these classic Jay-Z songs came on, the audience screamed in ecstasy like “This is my jam! Big Pimpin was MY high-school anthem!”

The whole point of streaming the show online was so that fans could interact on Twitter and request songs.

Mostly the tweets were stuff like, “I need to be at this show now #JayZSyncShow”

However, the one song everyone was requesting was “Glory,” the rap ode he wrote in honor of his daughter Blue Ivy Carter. So of course, Jay had to play that song, but not before shouting out, "All the parents in the house, make some noise."

Sadly baby Blue and wife Beyonce were not in attendance.