Jay-Z Wants to Collaborate With Lily Allen

February 19, 2010 By:
Jay-Z Wants to Collaborate With Lily Allen

Jay Z is such a huge Lily Allen fan, he called her up and arranged for them to collaborate on music together.

He tells BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat, "I spoke to Lily Allen. I'm trying to get her for Wireless. Hopefully that goes through. I bum-rushed them in the corner where they can't say no. I know her for a minute (sic). I think she's a great artist. I respect her. We just haven't (collaborated) yet.

"I've collaborated with so many artists. It's pressure because on the days when they don't come out I have to over perform. It's like, 'You better make me happy that Beyonce's not here tonight'."

What a great collabo that would be! Would you want to see Jay collaborate with next?