Jay Z Wants to Launch Cheryl Cole's Pop Career

November 17, 2009 By:
Jay Z Wants to Launch Cheryl Cole's Pop Career

Anything Jay Z touches turns to gold, and he has his sights set on 'Girls Aloud Star' Cheryl Cole--professionally speaking of course.

Jay is reportedly going to help Cheryl launch her pop career in America. She launched her solo career last month, so the timing is perfect.

A source told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: "Cheryl is the biggest fan of Jay-Z and Beyonce. To hear the feeling is mutual has totally made her year.

"She never imagined her album would have taken off like this. To get Jay-Z's support is beyond her wildest dreams."

Cheryl met Jay's wife Beyonce last year on 'X Factor' when Cheryl was a guest judge.

She said: “I turned into a fool when I saw Beyonce, I couldn't speak to her. I really embarrassed myself.”

But it looks like Beyonce was more flattered than anything else. If anyone can help Cheryl launch her solo career here, it's Jay Hova. Holla!