Video: Jay-Z Refuses to Clap after Chris Brown's Performance

August 29, 2011 By:
Video: Jay-Z Refuses to Clap after Chris Brown's Performance

So what if Lady Gaga dressed in drag. Who cares about Beyonce's pregnancy announcement. Jay Z refused to clap after Chris Brown's performance and it was awesome. Let me clarify, Brown's performance wasn't awesome, Jay's lack of congratulations was awesome.

Several times during Chris Brown's performance they cut-away to Jay-Z who sat stoically while refusing to crack a smile. While Kanye stood during Brown's entire performance and clapped like a madman afterwards, Jay brushed his nose and looked like he was attending a funeral.

Kanye cheered and Bieber fist pumped while chanting "That's my boy" along with most of the audience, Jay stayed in his seat and sipped from his drink. I think I've seen more emotion from a politician watching paint dry.

Jay didn't even make an attempt to "fake clap." You know that thing, when you feel like you're supposed to be clapping because everyone else is, but you don't really want you put your hands together real slowly and hope nobody notices that you don't give a f-ck? Nope, so just me then? Ok.

Jay-Z's applause abstinence was probably due to his loyalty to Rihanna. Jay discovered Rihanna in 2004 when he signed the teenage to his Def Jam label. She is basically his protégé and they are still very close. While most people seemed to be impressed with Brown's dance routine and apparently forgot that Chris Brown beat up Rihanna, Jay was unimpressed.

Even if Chris Brown wasn't a wife beater his performance wasn't that worthy of a standing ovation. I mean, Chris lip synced to songs that weren't even his own and then flew around the auditorium like some kind of pop-star angel thanks to some guys pulling robes backstage.

At one point during the performance Jay was slouched in his seat nodding off. Then he was peering around almost like he was trying to see what was going on and finally when everyone else was cheering and hollering Jay stayed put while Kanye cheered like a crazy person.

I can't tell if Jay-Z was too tired to clap? Too pissed off? Or too busy thinking about his wife's baby announcement? Maybe his hands just hurt? Either way, I'm with Jay.