YouTube All-Stars: Hip-Hop Impersonations

January 15, 2014 By:
YouTube All-Stars: Hip-Hop Impersonations

Don't have all day to plumb the depths of YouTube? Don't worry, we do. Here are the best (and one of the worst) hip-hop impersonations that YouTube has to offer. 


Vers: This kid Vers was 17 years old when 305HipHop introduced him to the YouTube public. He cycles through Weezy, Dreezy, Luda and Em with ease. It has been a couple of years since we've seen him, though. Where's he been hiding?


Jay Pharaoh: This guy wearing a wife-beater in his bedroom drops some of the most accurate impressions we've ever seen. His name is Jay Pharaoh and it seems that the world agrees because he's starring on "Saturday Night Live" these days. Check it out.


Affion CrockettThis guy Affion Crockett ended up on the radio with his impressions. His Jay Z is on point, but his Drake is iffy and his Lil Wayne sounds like he has had a few too many sips of purple drank.


The Unknown Wanksta: And just for good measure, here's the WORST set of hip-hop impersonations we've ever seen. This guy could not be less accurate. Get a day job, dude!