JC Chasez Comments on Lou Pearlman

May 23, 2008 By:
JC Chasez Comments on Lou Pearlman

Earlier this week Lou Pearlman, who is the man behind the “Backstreet Boys” and “N’Sync,” was sentenced to 25 years in the slammer after he pleaded guilty to cheating investors out of more than $300 million dollars. Hollyscoop caught up with JC Chasez at the "Maxim Hot 100 party" in Los Angeles and asked him his thoughts about Pearlman.

“I don’t even know if I have an opinion on it…that was apart of my life that I just have put behind me at this point. I read it, I put it in my mental Rolodex, it’s really behind me."

He added, “some people are happy, it just has no bearing on my life anymore, its not relevant to me anymore.”

Good news for JC is he doesn’t have to worry about bumping into Perv man anytime soon.