Jenna Jameson Recording an Album

April 16, 2010 By:
Jenna Jameson Recording an Album

Jenna Jameson has come a long way since her porn days. The mother of twins is now reportedly focusing on her music career!

According to website, Jenna has been hard at work in the music studio working on her debut album. Apparently she’s been singing for a long time, but we just never knew it!

Jenna said, “I got involved with singing early on while living in Vegas. I was a member of a play company that required everyone to sing and dance. I always loved dancing, and was classically trained, but singing was something I really never pursued. Now that I am finally pursuing it, I am extremely excited, and a little nervous. I do my best work when I’m nervous.”

Jenna has been working with other artists, who remain unnamed at this point, on the record. “My first single is a collaboration,” she said. “I cannot talk about the specifics yet, but My producer, Jud Mahoney, is incredibly talented… And I love working with him. I will be announcing the other artists on my track very soon.”

As for whether or not Jenna will be the next queen of pop, we’ll have to see. She said, “I’m not sure if this is going to be a second career, I think that depends on whether my fans accept me as a singer, and buy my music. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.”

We’ll give Jenna a shot, why not?? Can’t be worse than Heidi Montag!