Jennifer Hudson to Sing at Inauguration

January 2, 2009 By:
Jennifer Hudson to Sing at Inauguration

The Presidential Inauguration is just weeks away, and many celebrities are gearing up to attend the big event. Several artists have already signed on to perform for President Obama, and now we hear one of those singers will be Jennifer Hudson.

She’s a major Barack Obama supporter, and it would be very fitting since she is from Chicago.

The New Post reports: "Organizers want Jennifer to sing The Star-Spangled Banner at the Inauguration on January 20. They are talking to Jennifer about it. It would be the first time she performed since the murders. She is from Chicago and a huge Obama supporter."

That would be such a touching performance, and it would be amazing to see Jennifer get up there and perform for the President. But it’s still so soon after her family’s deaths, and it might be to early for her to be taking the stage.

What do you think? Should she perform, or does Jennifer need to continue to take time off from her professional life, and focus on healing?

Update: Jennifer Hudson’s rep has announced that there is no truth to the report that her client will sing The Star Spangled Banner at the Presidential inauguration. Jennifer’s rep tells Access Hollywood, “There is no truth to this.”