2011 AMA Performances

November 21, 2011 By:
2011 AMA Performances

The 2011 American Music Awards were last night, meaning that Taylor Swift and Adele could add some more bling to their trophy rooms. But really, the show last night was all about the performances and the AMA’s were jam packed with it. Let’s start from the top:

Jennifer Lopez: The tour de force performance of last night was hands down, Jennifer Lopez. She began the performance getting choked up while trying to sing the ballad “Until It Beats No More” but then she was like “JUST KIDDING” and out runs like 100 male dancers who then went into a performance of “Papi” complete with an onstage appearance by a Fiat car. Yah, it went there. Pitbull then joined her onstage for the song “On The Floor” and J.Lo bumped and grinded like a woman half her age. J.Lo’s back y’all!

Nicki Minaj: Nicki Minaj opened the show dressed like a bootylicious robot. She sang her new song “Turn Me On” and by sang, I literally mean she sang. There was no rapping during that song and while she proved she’s actually got a good voice I was wondering when she was gonna start rapping and doing that thing where she does a fake British accent. Aha, then she segued into her hit single “Super Bass” and was trilling out her famous lyrics while those two little girls from the Ellen show, Sophie Grace and Rosie, were at home having their minds blown, probably.

Justin Bieber: Christmas came early this year because Bieber doesn’t have any new songs to promote lately. Bieber sang his original Christmas jingle, “Mistletoe” and audience members swayed along with red glow sticks. This is the part of the show where I got up to check my emails. Sorry.

Chris Brown: Breezy is kind of on-fire lately. He started his performance solo with just a white t-shirt on, a microphone, and his emotions. His performance of “All Back” was so dramatic and poperific that I’m sure it mostly appealed to 13-year-old girls. I wanted to wipe my tears with an issue of Tiger Beat and then call a radio station and try to win backstage passes to something. He finished his set to the dance track “Say It With Me” where he proved he’s just as great at dancing as he is at looking like Dennis Rodman.

Kelly Clarkson: Clarkson opened her set with some oldey-timey newsboys in the audience shouting things like “what’s up with Kelly Clarkson? Is she straight? Is she gay? Why is she still single?” and luckily for us, Kelly Clarkson was there to set the record straight. Well, she just sang, but it was a solid performance and Kelly was dressed in a Jessica Rabbit style red mermaid gown.

Enrique Iglesias: Backed with a full-scale choir, Iglesias soared through his single, “I Like How It Feels.” Later he performed “Tonight I’m Loving You” and was assisted by Ludacris, who kept his aviator shades on throughout the entire performance. Swag.

Pitbull and Marc Anthony: Pitbull is cheating on J.Lo with, GASP, Marc Anthony. Pitbull returned to perform his song “Give Me Everything” while Lil Jon screamed some stuff at the audience. Then Marc Anthony was brought onstage to perform “Rain Over Me” and damn, that guy can sing.

Katy Perry: Perry performed her new hit “The One That Got Away” and broke form for a minute to play the guitar and sing her new song acoustic while standing in one spot and wearing a gown. No candy bras. No pyro. No t-shirt launchers. Just Katy and a guitar.

LMFAO: Closing out the show in style the dudes of LMFAO brought the house down with “Party Rock Anthem” and also “Sexy and I Know It.” At one point the group busted out into a dance circle and none other than Justin Bieber came to show off his moves, and shoot, Bieber can dance as good as LMFAO’s awesome back-up dancers. The guys then striped down into some smiley face underwear for their hysterical performance of “Sexy and I Know It.” Oh and then David Hasselhoff came on stage and took of his pants. Wait, what?