Hear Jennifer Lopez's New Song "Dance Again"

March 30, 2012 By:
Hear Jennifer Lopez's New Song

After teasing the internet for weeks, J.Lo has finally released her new single, “Dance Again.” It’s basically the sequel to “On The Floor” and sees J.Lo teaming up with Pibull and top-40’s favorite producer RedOne.

Basically, when Ryan Seacrest premiered the song on KIIS FM this morning, I did not change the station and I always change the station over to AMP Radio to see what Carson Daly is talking about, but today I was like, “Hey, this J.Lo song is cool enough to listen to for three and a half minutes.”

Does that make you want to listen to this song? I think I sold it really well.

I’m going go out on a limb here, but I think this song was inspired by J.Lo’s lovechild Casper Smart. And yes, I know what a “lovechild” is, but Casper is a child and J.Lo loves him, so it makes sense! Anyways, J.Lo sings about how she wants to “dance” and “make love” and then she also says, “If there is only one life lesson I’ve learned, it’s ‘who cares what they’re gonna say.’”

That must be J.Lo’s motto! Everyone loves to make hush hush jokes about her 24-year-old boyfriend, but according to J.Lo, “who cares what they’re gonna say!”

Exactly J.Lo! Keep dancing! Keep loving! And never forget to Dance…Again!

Oh, also the full music video will premiere on American Idol on April 5th and you can buy the song on iTunes on April 3rd.