Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Get Sexy in New Video

April 2, 2012 By:

Just in case you were wondering when Jennifer Lopez’s child bride Casper Smart was finally going to go away, he isn’t.

From these sneak peek stills from J.Lo’s new music video for “Dance Again” it seems like Casper is playing the part of the “love interest” in her video, or at the very least, the “pool boy.”

The full video wont release until Thursday, so until then we’ll just have to make do with these photos of Jennifer Lopez tackling a shirtless and blindfolded Casper Smart. Also, Casper is STILL rocking that freaky soul-patch. He’s been “famous” for several months now, hasn’t he figured out how grow real facial hair? Marc Anthony would NEVER.

In the photos, J.Lo also gets blindfolded by her boyfriend with a scarf that says, “Love is blind.”

Apparently Casper and J.Lo are in love and he attends almost every taping of “American Idol.”

“There is a lot of love between [them],” a source tells People, “He treats her like a queen.”

Does he though? What does a 24-year-old dude know about treating anyone like a queen? Girl, Imma take you to Chipotle instead of Taco Bell. Girl, you like box-wine from Costco? Girl, you wanna stay in and watch “The Big Lebowski” that I downloaded for free?