Jennifer Lopez Announces First Concert in Brazil

March 27, 2012 By:

In all of Jennifer Lopez’s many many years as a singer, she’s surprisingly never done a show in Brazil. However, the Idol judge released in a statement Monday that she’s performing at something called the Pop Music Festival in Sao Paulo on June 23rd and in Rio de Janeiro on June 27. Lopez in currently in Brazil to promote her show Q’Viva.

Hey, you’re welcome Brazil. Just in case you didn’t have enough Jennifer Lopez between American Idol, Q’Viva, and also tabloid photos of her and the her man-child Casper Smart, she’s coming back this summer for a concert!

In other J.Lo news, she’s just released a 20 second teaser of her new single, “Dance Again.” The song is a collaboration with Pitbull and uhmm has very very intelligent lyrics.

She sings on the chorus, “I wanna dance and love…and dance, again.”

So let me get this straight…you want to dance. You want to love. And then you want to dance. Again? Ok, just making sure we’re on the same page.

Unfortunately we can’t hear Pitbull’s rap on the track in this sneak. 

According to a tweet from L.A. Reid, the single will be out on April 2. Wait, why is LA Reid tweeting on J.Lo’s behalf? Isn’t he on the other competition singing reality show? Eh, whatever.