Jennifer Lopez "Papi" Music Video

September 19, 2011 By:
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez just released the video for her single "Papi" and it's ba-na-nas.

At the start of the video we see a love-torn J.Lo, who is given a magical cookie where it's relayed to her, "If you eat this cookie, your love will come back." Shoot, if it were that easy, I would be very fat right now from binge eating love cookies.

Anyways, J.Lo eats a huge bite of the cookie, turning her into the luckiest woman in love and attracts TOO much male attention.

The next day, J.Lo is strutting around Los Angeles as men chase her down the street, tackling each other to have the chance to serenade J.Lo.

Men are so crazy for J.Lo that she causes a car accident and creates a mob following of frenzied male suitors. A guy throws himself through a glass window to get to her. Meanwhile the pack of men is still following her and J.Lo is still oblivious to all of it!

Oh and then a guy steals a purse. And then a guy steals a dog. Wait what? Oh I get it; these men are trying to impress J.Lo with gifts like stolen purses and stolen dogs. Then J.Lo drives away in her Fiat smart car and all men in the world are straight up attacking her. It's not even about love anymore; these guys look like they want to kill her. Okay, A guy on a motorcycle just hopped over a bus.

Then the mob of men turns into a flash mob and they all know the same choreography? First, J.Lo was being attacked by every suitor in LA and then it turns into an episode of Glee.

Oh and then she crowd surfs over the sea of men-turned-dancers and a fancy guy in a suit who looks like a navy seal catches her from the crowd surfing fiasco and takes her back to her little Fiat car and all the flash mob guys are like "Awww, we lost." Then Jennifer rides away to safety with the Navy Seal guy and jokes, "The craziest thing happened."

So that's Jennifer Lopez's new video for "Papi." Did you cause a flashmob on your way to work today?

The 5-minute chase scene (err music video) was directed by Paul Hunter who also directed Lopez's "If You Had My Love" "Feelin So Good" and "Love Don't Cost a Thing."

J.Lo will make her debut performance of this track at the iHeartRadio Festival on September 23rd and 24th.