Jennifer Lopez Thinks Her 'Booty' Video is 'Good for Women'

October 2, 2014 By:
Jennifer Lopez Thinks Her 'Booty' Video is 'Good for Women'
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Access Hollywood Live brought Jennifer Lopez in to the studio to reveal her ex-boyfriend Diddy's reaction to her sexy "Booty" video. Diddy praised her behind, calling it "a work of art" and saying that it will "go down in history."

J-Lo gushed about her mutual love for Diddy (strictly platonic). The two dated for three years back when Jennifer was releasing her first album. She says she's learned a lot from him and is forever grateful. 

When asked about the "Booty" track and video, J-Lo responded that at first she was hesistant. During one of the scenes with Iggy, J-Lo stopped her and asked "Wait, how old are you?" Iggy is 24, while J-Lo is 45. But it dawned on J-Lo that age is but a number and even at the age of 45, she should be able to be sexy and own her body. "You know what, this is good. This is a good thing for women… This is empowering, this is fun."

Watch Jennifer Lopez talk about her "Booty" track at 1:55: