Jennifer Lopez Will Search For Local Talent With New Show

June 1, 2011 By:
Jennifer Lopez Will Search For Local Talent With New Show

Jennifer Lopez is tired of sitting behind the American Idol judges’ desk; she is starting her own talent-discovery-singing-reality-show.

Lopez’s new show will be titled “¡Q’Viva! The Chosen” which is produced by Lopez, her husband Marc Anthony, and Idol’s Simon Fuller, and features Lopez, Anthony, and her tour director Jamie King, traveling to 21 countries in North America, South America and Central America to find the best singers in the western hemisphere, but focuses on exploring the talents of Latin cultures.

I know what you’re thinking, how is this any different than American Idol? The catch is, there were be no actual auditions.

Anthony explains that the trio will be led to their singers as they will “literally [be] guided by the [local] people.”

J.Lo at a local McDonalds: Do you know of anyone that can sing?

Everything about this “no auditions” style of casting sounds so disastrous, I just might watch it.

Lopez exclaims that they will search for talent in the “places people wouldn’t normally look, where all this rich talent lives and wouldn’t normally be discovered – underground clubs, dancehalls, bars, dance studios, and the like.”

I can’t wait to see the episode where they feature the bartender with the voice of an angel. I can already feel it; this show is going to tug at America’s heartstrings. Midwestern housewives and teenage girls totally love it when regular people are unexpectedly talented.

“With this show we hope for the first time to unite all of the Latin cultures and make something that makes everybody proud,” Lopez explains.

Good luck J.Lo. I’m sure it’s going to be a hit!