See J.Lo's Sexy Video for "Dance Again"

April 6, 2012 By:
See J.Lo's Sexy Video for

Jennifer Lopez’s video for “Dance Again” is as steamy and sexy as we were expecting, and then some. Also, J.Lo is flaunting her relationship with Casper Smart like never before.

The video opens with the message, “ Always remember…you will live, you will love, you will dance again.”

Translation: You will live (fling with Diddy, engagement to Ben Affleck, marriage to those other guys), You will love (Marc Anthony), and you will dance again (The Casper Smart fiasco).

For starters, Pitbull looks amazing in an ivory suit with a black bowtie. Let’s get that out of the way, regardless what you think of Pitbull’s rap skills, he always looks flawless.

So the video kicks off with about 30 dancers having an orgy inside a perfume bottle. I’m sorry, inside the perfume bottle for “Glowing by J.Lo.”

Meanwhile, Casper Smart is hanging out by the wall, like, “I don’t gotta participate in this orgy because J.Lo is my real life booty call, wuddup!”

Then J.Lo does a dance duet with Casper Smart and omigod, he’s amazing! I take back all my “he’s like 5,” and “what’s up with his goatee” comments, this man is perfect! After you see their sexy duet you will totally understand what J.Lo sees in him.

Also there’s a lot of gold glitter happening in this video. Just like, gold everywhere.