Jennifer Love Hewitt Planning Country Album

May 21, 2009 By:
Jennifer Love Hewitt Planning Country Album

What’s with everyone deciding they have what it takes to put out a country album?! And when we say everyone, we mean everyone! The latest person to invade the genre is Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Hewitt’s new boyfriend Jamie Kennedy took it upon himself to announce the news, telling People, “Jennifer is writing a country song. I really want to make her a demo for her music. I think she should be singing again, she’s so good.”

He’s like her little cheerleader! Every time Jamie’s in an interview, he can’t stop talking about how amazing Jennifer is. We guess it’s cute in a strange way. We just can’t get used to the two of them dating!

Jennifer has put out a couple of albums in the past, including a self-titled record in 1996 and 2002’s BareNaked. And from what we hear, Hewitt’s apparently a big pop star in Japan, where she’s exclusively released four different albums. Talk about random! Do you think J-Love has what it takes to go country?