Q&A With Jesse and the Toy Boys

December 6, 2011 By:
Q&A With Jesse and the Toy Boys

If you haven't heard of Jesse and the Toy Boys, listen up. This "group" is fronted by pop songstress Jessie Malakouti and a group of male mannequins and recently wrapped up a world tour opening for Britney Spears on her Femme Fatale tour.

Jesse and the Toys Boys can only be described as the love-child of Britney Spears during her "Toxic" years and Lady Gaga during her "Pokerface" phase and the result is pure pop confection. Jesse and the Toy Boys recently performed at KIIS FM's Jingle Ball Hosted by Ryan Seacrest and gave a Q&A to Stereotude about meeting Britney Spears for the first time, being obsessed with Dubstep, and why Lady Gaga is a "really rad chick."

Stereotude: Describe performing at Jingle Ball for the first time?
Jesse and the Toy Boys: The fans were out of control, the energy was crazy, Jingle Ball is so much fun, there’s all these little kiosks and events going on, there was a fashion show and other really cool artists so really fun exciting day.

ST: What was it like meeting Britney Spears for the first time?
Jesse: When I first got asked to be one of the Femme Fatales on the Britney Spears tour this summer when I very first met Britney I got really star struck. [I] Got really tongued tied and I kind of like flashed to fourth grade of having her poster up on my wall and I sort of didn’t know what to say but then we became friends on tour.

ST: If you could meet any artist, who would it be?
Jesse: Well... I’m dying to meet GaGa she seems like a really rad chick...I’ve never seen her before, she’s amazing so I can’t wait for that.

ST: What music are you listening to right now?
Jesse: I love dubstep so I have all of Skrillex, Ruscoe, that might shock people. It might not though, cause I have dubstep influences in my music. I love Dubstep, I love metal, there you go Korn.

ST: What's next for Jesse and The Toy Boys?
Jesse: I was on tour all summer, Femme Fatale tour then Identity festival tour and now I’m here with Jingle Ball. I’m finishing writing the album and its coming out next year it’s called "This is How Rumors Start," so that’s what’s up.

ST: Fun Fact: Do you have any weird phobias?
Jesse: Yes I do actually, you know, do you know the foam that comes on hangers when you get your get your clothes dry cleaned and some dry cleaners you put this weird foam on the hanger? I can’t touch the foam, it freaks me out, like the texture. If I get it back and I unveil it and it has the foam I’m like, "yikes somebody get this off the hanger."