Monday Music Maven: Jessi Malay

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Monday Music Maven: Jessi Malay

Our third Monday Music Maven is Jessi Malay. Jessi is a quadruple threatshe's a singer, dancer, fashion blogger, and co-founder of international full-service multimedia company, The Coalition Group. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she's had a passion for performing since she was two years old, was touring the world by age eight, and signed to Warner Bros. Records as a teenager. She is also a product of UCLA.

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Take us through your day, starting from the time you wake up.

I'm usually woken up early every morning by my dogs making out with me. Then I grab my phone, scroll through IG, and usually post a pic from my most recent performance or of my OOTD featured on my fashion blog,

I try to get a little workout in. I usually don't have time to go to the gym in the morning, so I'll jog around my neighborhood and do squats and crunches in my living room. From there I head to my office/music studio where I begin by answering e-mails and meeting with my team about anything from the new direction of my upcoming album to how we're going to market it (through radio whether it be SiriusXM or FM, blog features, etc.) to where I'll be touring next. My production company, The Coalition Group, shoots everything from music videos to short films, and we shoot all of the videos for my project. Some days my business partner Luisa Iskin and I will brainstorm treatment options and shoot schedules.

In the late afternoon I'll usually shoot a look for my blog with my photographer, Gabriel Santiago. Around 6pm everyday, I get in the studio with my production team, which is comprised of Brian 'Deep' Watters who produces the tracks, Mika Lett who co-writes the lyrics and melodies with me, and Philip White who also vocal produces each record. Sometimes we just have writing sessions where we'll vibe to different tracks and come up with melodies and concept ideas. Other nights are strictly for cutting vocals. If it's not too late or we happen to have a night off, I'll try to go out and catch a live show, get inspired, and bring that back to the studio with me. 

Jessi Malay

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is that I'm getting to literally live my childhood dream every day. I also have some of my best friends on my team, so getting to work with them in a creative capacity on a daily basis is really fulfilling. 

When did you get your big break?

I've been on the brink for a while...I was signed to Jive Records with my girl group No Secrets at 14 years old, then got signed to Warner Bros. Records as a solo artist when I was 17. I was there, kind of just sitting on my project for years because WBR wasn't quite sure what direction to take me in. At the time I didn't have the capabilities of making my own music. I decided to negotiate out of my contract, go back to school, and graduated from UCLA.

During that time, I decided to start working independently on my music again, and over the past year I have been recording my EP, Give Me Life, which we released about a month and a half ago. At that time, I was also asked to go on tour with Danity Kane. We got to travel the country and performed at large venues for really amazing and dedicated fans! Between the release of my EP (available on iTunes), the Danity Kane No Filter Tour, the success of my fashion blog, and growth through social media, things have really exploded for me over the last few months.


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