Jessica's At Risk Of Getting Dropped From Label

February 22, 2008 By:
Jessica's At Risk Of Getting Dropped From Label

All we keep hearing is that Jessica Simpson is recording a country album, but is she really recording or is she busy globetrotting?

The suits over at Sony BMG are reportedly pissed off at Jessica and are considering dropping her because there is no movement in the album. They feel like she is spending her time taking trips with her boyfriend instead of working on the album.

“These days the chief of Jess’ record label has had a hard time even getting her on the phone. Joe Galante, the head of Sony BMG Nashville, is furious and unless Jess straightens up fast, they’re considering cutting her loose. They’re tired of unreturned phone calls and unfulfilled promises.”

Jess has been everywhere from Mexico to Texas to Hawaii with Tony, but she’s neglecting one key locale-the Nashville recording studio where she should be finishing her first country album.”

Hey maybe she is trying to find some new material she can sing about in her country album. The girl needs some inspiration! Seems like Jess just can’t win!