J.Lo Doesn't Think Her Tour Demands Are Crazy

August 10, 2012 By:

Jennifer Lopez is getting defensive about her tour rider—a doc released a few years ago outlined the diva’s standard demands, which included a 40-foot trailer with an entirely white interior (down to the flowers), room temperature Evian water, Diptyque candles, a VCR and CD player NO EXCEPTIONS, and an assortment of CURRENT R&B, hip hop and salsa.

Jen came out in defense of her rider on ‘The Kyle and Jackie O Show,’ an Australian radio show, saying, "I think people love to look at them (riders) and go, 'Oh my God she wants M&M'S ... she's crazy!' I think everyone has their list of things that make you feel comfortable ... like a certain kind of potato chip or water. I think the crazy ones are made up."

To be clear, this particular rider had been submitted for a recording session of a charity single for an African AIDS charity.

Something conspicuously absent from J.Lo’s rider is alcohol—she said that that’s thanks to her mom: "I'm not a drinker. I think my mom just ingrained in us since we were very small that it was just not a good thing to do so I just never got into it."

No matter what you think of Lopez’s demands, she’s not nearly as bad as some other performers. Like M.I.A., who requested three 20-25 year old burka-clad dancers on stage with her (in addition to the 17 hotel rooms and a bottle of absinthe), or Madonna’s, which stipulates that the venue remove all of their stinky furniture and replace with her own pieces, which are shipped with her, and also must be draped with fabric that smells like lilies and roses.

It also makes you wonder what poor soul has to re-do all of these dressing rooms every week.