Joe Jonas Drops Solo Album, No Longer A "Jonas Brother"

October 11, 2011 By:

Joe Jonas drops solo album today, no longer a "Jonas Brother"

Joe Jonas's first solo album, "Fast Life," releases today. After all the buzz of Joe Jonas going solo, touring with Britney Spears and ditching those two hanger-on's (err, I mean his brothers) the best Jonas officially launches his solo career today.

He tells MTV news, "I feel like this is a good time in my life to be doing this solo project. I'm just ready to play music. I've been promoting a lot and hustling around all over America and Europe, talking about the album, and now I just get to play, and that's my favorite thing to do."

Joe has proved that he's no longer a tweeny bopper, he once sang about summer camp romances and flirting via instant messenger, now he has Lil Wayne remixing and rapping on his tracks. Joe Jonas is all grow'd up! I feel like a proud mom dropping Joe off at prom night. Weird.

But Joe said branching out on his own was difficult, "It was scary in the beginning, just because I knew this is my one opportunity to show people my journal: the good and bad of every relationship I've been in, you know, [and] what I look for [in relationships]" reveals Joe.

Before, his music with his brothers was very pop-rock, as "rock n roll" as he could get without overstepping his contract with the Disney Channel. Mind you, that was during his "purity ring" phase. Now his music rivals that of Chris Brown's and has more of an R&B and dance hall feel.

He describes his new musical stylings to Hollyscoop saying, "It's a lot different. It's everything from Hip-Hop music to dance music, to electro. I've been inspired by a lot of different stuff, so I wanted to create something new for people to listen to."

Now that he's making R&B and dance track, he's had to add back-up dancers to his set. When he was a member of The Jonas Brother, he and the brothers would hide behind guitars and spazz around like Mick Jagger, now Joe is getting down with some hip hop choreography, "Doing a lot of dancing and stuff, it's cool for people to see; it's a little bit different. it's fun for me to be up there doing it," he tells MTV.

However, don't expect music to be the only thing Joe has plans for in the near future.

"I'm developing a film with a buddy of mine, producer and writer. I'm going to be getting into that later this year," Joe tells HS.

"I'm always creating. It doesn't stop that creating bug. It's just something that I always do," says Joe.