Joel Madden Writing a Memoir

July 27, 2009 By:
Joel Madden Writing a Memoir

Joel Madden is writing a memoir about his life. The boyfriend of Nicole Richie and dad of almost two has been starting to work on the book.

Joel tells People, "I'm lightly working on one, but I don't want to put a book out there if it's not actually meaningful. I'm not going to go there unless I can deliver."

He says, "It would be about my life. It would be about, mostly, the big changes in my life: Kids, relationships, moving to L.A…the big life changes that I've gone through."

Joel has definitely been through a lot of changes! He and Nicole have changed together so much over the years, and we’d say it’s for the better!

Joel says, "If I put a book out, I want it to be something that matters to me. It has to be real, you can't just put a book out, to put a book out. I want every page to mean something."

Joel seems like he treats all aspects of his life this sincerely. So we can imagine this being a good read! Keep up the good work, Joel!