John Mayer Called a "King Douche"

November 1, 2012 By:
John Mayer Called a

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the Internet this morning. Shooter Jennings, son of country legend Waylon Jennings and the Ryan Seacrest of country music DJs, threw some shade at John Mayer in a Twitter rant, which included the following Well, Tell Us How You Really Feel statements:

“I love how the ‘neil young of our generation’ self-naming king douche grows his hair out + buys a place in Montana just to do article.” (He’s referring to a Rolling Stone article here.)

“Claims he’s ‘done w hollywood game’ and has ‘roots’ and then immediately cuts his hair, goes back to hollywood clubs + starts banging Katy Perry.”

Now it’s not exactly clear what personal issu— Sorry, what’s that, Scooter? Oh, we’re not done yet.

“And don’t anybody say he’s a great guitar player. Gary Clark Jr & @lukasnelson wipes their asses with this dude.”

Anyway, as we were saying, it’s not totally clear— OMG, still not done?!

“Sorry to shit talk. Lord knows not everybody likes my ass. But seeing that [Rolling Stone] in my friggin bathroom & reading the narcissistic drivel…”

As for what other personal issues Shooter has with John behind the tweets, you don’t really need 20/20 vision to see that the DJ is calling the singer-songwriter out on his inauthentic artist persona, particularly the one displayed in the most recent Rolling Stone article about John. For a dude named "Shooter," do you think his opinions on the "Say" singer hit the bullseye?

Don’t expect John to respond any time soon (on Twitter at least considering he gave that up a while ago).