‪John Mayer's First Public Performance Since Vocal Woes‬

January 19, 2013 By:
‪John Mayer's First Public Performance Since Vocal Woes‬


After a long and tired battle with his own voice, John Mayer returns. The Born and Raised singer took the stage at a benefit concert for Montana firefighters this week in what marks his first public singing performance since he was forced to cancel a tour last year because of granuloma in his throat. Let's just say his body wasn't exactly a wonderland for the past year or so.

While he has been playing loudly on the guitar front, strumming with the Rolling Stones in New Jersey and Frank Ocean on "Saturday Night Live" last year, this is the singer-songwriter's first time breaking the vow of silence he promised to keep following two throat surgeries he underwent in 2011.

John debuted with a track called "If I Ever Get Around to Living," and while he hasn't made a full vocal cord recovery yet, it was just enough to get the show rolling and appease fans in the audience.

"Every couple of weeks there's another note," John prefaced his performance, explaining that he hasn't been able to hit high notes due to the Botox into his vocal cords, injections that are part of his ongoing recovery regimen. It may take anywhere from six to nine months for the treatments to wear off and continue with improving his octave range moving forward.

John has a strong connection to the community and the crowd in Montana. He recently purchased a house in the area that caught fire in August of last year and proved to be a pretty great neighbor—raising more than $100,000 for firefighters who fought the Pine Creek flames.