Remember JoJo??!

August 8, 2008 By:
Remember JoJo??!

Talk about a blast from the past! 17-year old singer JoJo is feeling the heat from the public, who are calling her a has-been! Poor thing! So what better to do than express her feeling via her blog?

She says, I've got to be a little vulnerable for a minute…. im a bit
frustrated! I'm 17 years old, and I feel that people have tried to dismiss me in the industry or have the sense of "Why hasnt she been doing anything? She must be dead".

This is pretty sucky! When people havent heard music from
you in quite some time, its understandable that they may want to dismiss you as being "done", and its hard because folks dont get to see what goes on behind the scenes for months, sometimes years to put things together, etc.

Im about to be a senior in high school, im dedicated to my education as well as my career so it gets difficult to juggle sometimes, but i feel that anything thats worth it takes work.

Bottom line, just because Im not in the spotlight does not mean that ive retired (lol). Im so young, and music is my everything. I view my career as a marathon, not a sprint. And i try to do things based on the long term plan, not for financially motivated reasons.

Have I made mistakes? Absolutely. Will I make more? Sure! But will I learn along the way, channel it into my music, chalk it up to experience, and come out stronger from it? You betta believe it!

JoJo is coming back with a vengeance! She has a new album coming out, and is especially excited for her fans to hear her lyrics off the title track All I Want Is Everything. She was good way back when, so we're sure her new stuff will be even better!