Jonas Brother Hope For Duet With Britney

September 17, 2008 By:
Jonas Brother Hope For Duet With Britney

The Jonas Brothers are kind of like the antithesis of Britney Spears. But nonetheless, they'd like to work with her. Everyone wants a piece of Brit!

In their latest venture, the Jonas Brothers are eyeing a duet with Britney. They met her for the first time at the VMAs last week, and apparently Britney offered to give them advice. Shouldn't be the other way around??!

Joe Jonas tells British magazine Reveal, "We love Britney. It was a real honor to meet her at the MTV Video Music Awards. Her debut album was the first one I bought."

Nick Jonas says, "She was really sweet and asked us if our record label were treating us properly." And now the band is hoping to team up with the superstar for a duet.

Kevin Jonas adds, "Nothing's been formalized yet, but a duet with Britney one day would be amazing."

It would definitely be a chart topper. People will listen to anything Britney puts out, and the same goes for the Jonas Brothers. So we think a collaboration wouldn't be that odd at all.