The Jonas Brothers Developing a Reality Series for E!

March 21, 2012 By:
The Jonas Brothers Developing a Reality Series for E!

It’s like the tv-gods looked into my brain and answered all my personal fantasies! The Jonas Brothers are reportedly developing a reality series about their life for the E! network!

E! is a pro when it comes to reality series. From the Kardashians to well, the Kardashians, E! has got the market cornered on glossy reality shows full of scripted drama, blank stares, and lots of trips to fancy restaurants.

According to the New York Post, the Jonas brothers are going to showcase their East-Coast lifestyle. Kevin is married in lives in New Jersey. Joe just bought Manhattan real-estate and I think is just hanging out and Nick lives in New York while starring in “How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.”
After the brothers temporarily disbanded to work on solo projects, I think they realized that they are way more popular as The Jonas Brothers, rather than as Nick, Joe and Kevin.

This will be the bros third attempt at TV. The had a 2008 reality series on the Disney Channel called “Jonas Brothers: Living The Dream” which was a 5-minute-per-episode series that aired between other Disney Shows, but it was all very PG, showcasing the boys going to photoshoots and shopping for sneakers aka boring.

The brothers also had a scripted show called “Jonas L.A.” where they played spies who were also in a teen rock band. Strangely enough this ridiculous show lasted two seasons.

Also, the brothers have been pretty vocal about their plans to record a new album together, so *fingers crossed* they showcase the recording process on their new show.