Jonas Brothers Give us the Scoop on their New Album

February 24, 2009 By:
Jonas Brothers Give us the Scoop on their New Album

The Jonas Brothers not only have a new movie coming out, but they’re also working on another album! These boys are busier than Ryan Seacrest! How they have time for girlfriends, we don’t know!

Hollyscoop got the chance to catch up with the J-Bros at the press conference to announce their “Surprise Theater Invasion” across the country to mark the opening of their new 3D Concert Experience. With the movie opening this Friday, February 27th, the Jonas Brothers will be traveling to different cities across the country popping into movie theaters, and making a lot of teen girls’ days!

Nick told Hollyscoop, "We can't give too many details as to what cities or how many cities we'll be going to. What we can tell you is it will be a coast-to-coast tour and it's really all about our fans, and being able to experience this with them."

The guys also gave Hollyscoop exclusive information on their upcoming album. We asked how the process was going so far, and Nick told us, “The new album is coming together were working on it right now about 5 songs in were very excited about the way it’s sounding. Its kind of a back to the roots sound for us, just going back to who we are and just the real kind of the musical side of the Jonas Brothers …it’s a lot of fun. The songs are sounding cool and excited to share them all with you soon.”

As for who is a big musical influence on the Jonas Brothers, Nick told Hollyscoop, “There are some songs that are really sounding cool to us. We’re being inspired by new music some music out of the UK...Kings Of Leon is another big one for us, a lot of different inspirations, a lot of new sounds. We’re just trying to continue to grow as musicians and songwriters.”

But don’t worry fans! If you’re a big JB junkie, you’ll still like their new stuff. Joe promises! He says, “It will sound like a Jonas Brothers record but at the same time you’ll hear a little growth in our music and our song writing. You really get inspired once you tour.”

Sounds like they have a lot on their plates as usual! Make sure to see The Jonas Brothers: 3D Experience in theaters this Friday. Who knows? You might just get to meet them!