Jonas Brothers to Host Much Music Awards

April 16, 2009 By:
Jonas Brothers to Host Much Music Awards

The Jonas Brothers aren’t only household names in the U.S. They’ve got plenty of fans in Canada, which is why our neighbors up north picked the trio as the hosts of this year’s Much Music Awards.

The show is considered the biggest music extravaganza of the year in the country. It’s a modern-style ceremony that’s put on to replicate a street party. There normally aren’t hosts for the show, rather, the MuchMusic VJs usually preside over the ceremony.

So that’s what makes this year’s show even that more innovative! The guys will be hosting the show just one day before they launch their world tour. Kevin said on the website, "We're so excited to get back up to Canada, and co-hosting the MMVAs is a real honor for us!"

The MMVAs go live to air on June 21 at 9PM eastern.

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