Josh Groban Supports the Artist/Fair Pay for Air Play

February 10, 2009 By:
Josh Groban Supports the Artist/Fair Pay for Air Play

During Grammy Week there was tons of parties and events to choose from and while most events were for social networking and entertainment, Josh Groban and other Music Industry professionals got together Friday afternoon for a meaningful Town Hall discussion.

Proper compensation amongst the artist for their works aired on the am/fm dials was this hot topic. The Singer-Songwriter lent his support to the Performance Rights Bill, which was introduced to Congress in 2007.

Music Icon, Mary Wilson formerly of The Supremes was quite vocal about her stance on the issue. Wilson tells Hollyscoop, "Most people think the artist is getting paid every time their song is on the Radio."

Humorously she goes on to say, "Baby I would be retired on some Island by now." The Motown Legend insists that is more of a Moral Issue than actual dollars and sense.

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