Justin Bieber and One Direction Not Hooking Up on New Album

September 11, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber and One Direction Not Hooking Up on New Album

Justin Bieber crushed no-one-who-is-over-the-age-of-fourteen’s dreams when he announced he wouldn’t be on the next One Direction album.

But continue to sleep easy—there’s no malice between the musical heartthrobs. It’s just a lesson in Some Things Weren’t Meant To Be & We Can’t Always Get What We Want 101, a valuable lesson for Bieber’s and One Direction’s teenage fanbase.

Harry Styles, the one-fifth of One Direction who looks like he stole Mick Jagger’s DNA, confirmed the sad news to the The Sun in the UK, simply stating, “There is no Justin Bieber on the album.”

Hear that? It’s the world’s tiniest autotuned violin.

The rumors of a duet were first sparked when they tweeted about chillin’ bro-style in a recording studio together.

However, the members of One Direction clarified that rendezvous to MTV News with Liam Payne saying, “We actually went down to the studio to listen to some of Justin Bieber’s tracks. He invited us down and we had a good listen, but there’s no real collaboration or anything.”

They have been hitting up other A-listers across the pond to share a name. British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran who assisted on 1D’s first album Up All Night will appear on their forthcoming album.

The new album is set to hit stores on November 13 with the first single “Live While We’re Young” in a few weeks on October 1.

Justin Bieber has also recorded a song with another teen pop star Carly Rae Jepsen for the song “Beautiful” which has been under fan suspicion lately for having very similar lyrics to One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.”