Justin Bieber Goes Acoustic on "As Long As You Love Me"

October 8, 2012 By:

And onto something that won’t make you throw up from someone who recently did…

Justin Bieber stripped it down on his current radio single “As Long As You Love Me” for the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards. It’s a pre-recorded performance of the 18-year-old (he’s currently on his Believe tour and was unable to attend in person) at BBC’s Maida Vale Studios that has him trading in the song’s crunchy dubstep-lite bass line for simpler strumming on a single guitar.

In the video, Justin sits perched on a stool crooning through the mellow-ized melody. He emotes on the chorus. He lightly raps Big Sean’s verse. He makes eye contact with adoring fans. He’s wearing leather pants.

More shocking than Bieber not ralphing during it (and you not gagging from all the googly eyes in the audience) is that he actually sounds pretty good! Surrounded on stage by back up dancers, choreography, and pyrotechnics, it’s easy to be blinded to the notion that Justin can tackle a run or two in pitch even when you take all that concert spectacle away.

It was one of the better performances of the British show, which also featured appearances by Taylor Swift, Ne-Yo, some group called Little Mix and, of course, One Direction.

Anyway, what do you think? Does this performance turn you into a Belieber? Are you able to sit through this set even while eating spaghetti AND drinking milk?