Justin Bieber: "Latin Girl" Leaks Online

November 30, 2010 By:
Justin Bieber:

Justin Bieber fans have a brand new song to rock out to!

Today “Latin Girl” leaked online, and many are speculating that it’s about Miss Selena Gomez, who has recently been linked to the teen heartthrob. The other theory is that the track is about Jasmine Villegas, who was caught playing tonsil hockey with JB a few months ago.

“Latin Girl” didn’t make the cut on Biebs’ latest album My World 2.0, but the song fits right in with his other hits. It could very well be on his next album.

Bieber has admitted that he is working on new music for an album to be released sometime in 2011. "[It'll] probably [come out] fourth quarter next year," he revealed to MTV News in September. "Drake is gonna be on that album; I'm not sure [who else]. I'm gonna ask him if he can get [Lil] Wayne on there."

For now, take a listen below!