Justin Bieber Pukes on Stage...Twice

October 1, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Pukes on Stage...Twice

Justin Bieber kicked off his Believe Tour in Glendale, Arizona and expressed his nerves on-stage this weekend. Quite, uh, vividly too…

The 18-year-old pop star was in the middle of singing and shaking his choreographed way through a song called “Out Of Town Girl” when his own stomach began feeling a little out of place.

As the Biebs advanced his way closer to screaming fans, he spun around, turning his back to the crowd, bent over, and threw up. For those who haven’t seen the video of Justin hitting this particularly bad note, if you’ve ever seen a puppy throw up before, then you’ve pretty much seen the video.

The usual suspects weren’t at all responsible for this tummy tantrum. Turns this sudden wave of sickness wasn’t caused by what you’d expect: an uncontrollable case of nerves or the sound of his own music. The sour episode was from a bad cup of milk, Justin explained in a self-deprecating tweet:

The heartthrob, who clearly wasn’t feeling so hot, dashed off the stage, returned to continue with the show—only to throw up one more time (an encore?). He recovered quickly backstage, and then finished the show at the sold-out Jobing.com Arena.

Justin marched onward with the 45-city Belive tour performing yesterday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

You can watch the semi-nauseating clip here… Good morning, by the way! Don’t let this ruin your breakfast: