Justin Bieber Takes Back His Vevo Throne

October 16, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Takes Back His Vevo Throne

The Pop Music Kingdom of YouTube was in dour shambles there for a bit.

Following the uploaded uprising of One Direction’s Trojan Horse of a music video “Live While We’re Young” last month, the boy band brigade stole Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” throne of most watched video in 24 hours with 8.2 million views.

However, the Biebs, not to be outdone by a measly army of five, enlisted the help of armored rapping Mattel tank Nicki “Roman’s Revenge” Minaj to craft a sidelining strategy more tense than the trailer for “Dark Zero Thirty”: a hijacked computer and camera of “personal footage” where the only thing stolen was a his-and-hers music video for their single “Beauty and a Beat.”

The hoax caused enough of a stir to reel in a whopping 10.6 million views in a 24 hour period, ending the nearly one month long period of tremulous (tremulous!) turmoil, returning the Number One seat back to its sovereign and rightful owner King Bieber of O Canada, and therefore reinstating peace and fairness across all the land.

A detail worth nothing is that the “Beauty and a Beat” video was also written and directed by the 18-year-old, further reiterating that Justin Bieber is boss.

This past year has been one of friendly competitive terrain between lone ranger Justin and the One Direction battalion—the latter beat out the former for a MTV moon man for the Most Share-Worthy Video at this past Video Music Awards, while Justin continues to dominate solo in other arenas like THE INTERNET.