7 Things We Learned About Justin Bieber From Online Quizzes

July 12, 2013 By:

What kind of person would urinate in mop buckets and curse President Clinton? A person like Justin Bieber, for sure. Due to his most recent appearance in the media, we took the liberty and filled out some online quizzes on Biebs’ behalf. These are the results:

He’s a psychopath.

(Source: Counseling Office)

He’s a narcissist.

(Source: Psych Central)

He shares a personality type with other famous personalities, like the Donald.

(Source: HumanMetrics)

He’d make a great flight attendant.

(Source: Similar Minds)

He’s a bad boyfriend.

(Source: Seventeen)

He’s not a genius.

(Source: YouThink)

He might have a urinary tract infection.

(Source: Androctor Anna)