Akon: Justin Bieber is My Son!

September 15, 2010 By:
Akon: Justin Bieber is My Son!

No wonder Justin Bieber has so much talent—Akon is his daddy!

Hollyscoop talked EXCLUSIVELY with Akon on the VMA white carpet, and he joked about he tween sensation being his own kin.

“He’s my son,” Akon jokingly confessed. “We found out lately he’s my son…when he comes in ask him!”

Perhaps Akon was referring to the prank JB pulled on him this summer. According to reports, Beiber stole Akon’s number from his manager and called him saying, “Daddy why don’t you love me?”

It apparently scared the sh*t about of Akon!

All joking aside, Akon said Justin will be able to maintain his star power if he continues to grow in his music. “The key is, you have to grow along with the fans,” he explained. “You can’t constantly entertain for kids. You have to slowly graduate to become an adult, and that’s the hardest part.”

“Justin Timberlake successfully did it,” Akon pointed out.

Well JB, you have your work cut out for ya, kid! Check out our EXCLUSIVE coverage with Akon at the VMAs below.