FYI: Winners and Losers of the Week

January 24, 2014 By:
FYI: Winners and Losers of the Week

Ah, Friday. It's the best time to sit back and reflect on the week before you go and do stupid things tonight. With that in mind, here are Stereotude's Winners and Losers of the Week.


Loser - Justin Bieber 

Egging houses, besties getting arrested, creepily texting ex-girlfriends and getting a DUI, all in a week or so. Weeks don't really get worse than that. For a normal person, this would be enough to go to rehab or become a monk or something, but for the Biebs? Unlikely.


Winners - The Beatles, Vans, and feet everywhere 

This week, The Beatles and Vans announced a line of absolutely rad "Yellow Submarine" sneakers. 


Loser - Jay Z 

Hova is being sued for $600 million over the Brooklyn Nets' trademark logo. Yeesh! Hopefully he can sell the team as planned before his ass has to get lawyered up. (Via


Winner- Lorde

The Kiwi crooner now has two tracks on the Billboard Hot 100 Top ten: her track "Royals," which you've heard 10,000 times and her new single "Team."


Winner: Justin Bieber

Are you kidding? This whole week was a publicity stunt so homeboy could one-up Miley. And it worked. We're all suckers. 


Final Score: Winning 3-2 Losing. This week is a WIN!