Justin Bieber & Chris Brown "Next 2 You" Music Video

June 17, 2011 By:

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown's collaboration “Next 2 You” finally premieres it's new video. The single is off Breezy's comeback album “F.A.M.E.” and is Brown's attempt to make people forget that he sometimes engages in domestic violence.

I don't know if collaborating with Justin Bieber was his attempt to clean up or purify his image, but the result is this video and I don't really know if it worked.

The video features Bieber and Brown prancing around a post-apocalyptic America while they sing a pop R&B mid-tempo love song about searching for the girls they loved before the world ended.

Chris Brown vogues around the abandoned streets dancing in his signature style while Bieber stands in his shadow and looks like an orphan that Brown picked up along the way.

Brown: The world is ending! We must dance and sing next to this burning trashcan!

Beiber: Please suh, I want some more.

Brown: Lost boy! You may travel with me. Do you know how to pop n' lock?

Brown jumps across a crater in the earth to get to his lover while Bieber just bats his eyelashes and licks his lips. Bieber always looks like a perfect little doll on camera, but next to 6'1” Brown, Bieber looks like a JC Penney mannequin.

Apparently this is an exciting moment for the young popstar. Bieber was discovered with his youtube cover of Browns 2007 hit, “With You.” Now the Biebs tweets about the music video, “It's here. [I've gone] from singing Chris Brown's 'With You' in my apartment to this. Dream big. Thanks. Epic.”