Justin Bieber Asks Fans to Choose Artwork For New Single

March 16, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Asks Fans to Choose Artwork For New Single

Justin Bieber is finally going to release a new album after 2 years, and I know what you’re thinking and the answer is: No, “Under The Mistletoe” album does not count as “music.”

Bieber’s new album will be called “Believe,” and he will release his first single “Boyfriend” on March 26.

Even better than that, fans can vote on what album cover art they want for the “Boyfriend” single. Basically you can choose between two potential and nearly identical covers and vote on twitter for which one you like more.  

Option number one features Bieber looking a little bit like a young Hilary Swank and running his fingers through his hair like some kind of TV vampire. If you like that photo, tweet #JBboyfriend1. The other option is Bieber looking away from camera doing his best James Dean impression. If you want that to be the single artwork, tweet #JBboyfriend2.

Votes will be scientifically tabulated via twitter hashtags and the winning cover will be revealed on Monday.

Bieber teased US Weekly about his new album, “It’s going to be really exciting. A lot of new stuff that people wouldn’t expect!”

In related news, Justin Bieber and his GF Selena Gomez were caught in a couples quarrel outside a bar in Florida. This sounds fishy, mostly because they are both underage and what were they even drinking at the bar? Apple juice?

Anyways, they were partying with Selena’s “Spring Breakers” co-stars when they had a fight and had Bieber’s driver take them down to an alley to have a private conversation. They eventually returned to the bar. This is all according to an “eyewitness.”