Justin Bieber "Boyfriend" Music Video

May 4, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. Justin Bieber has released the entire music video for “Boyfriend.” After teasing us for months with 30-second clips here and there, Bieber has finally dropped the real thing.

Fun Fact: Bieber shot the video twice. He first filmed the video with director Colin Tilley, but apparently it was too racy for the young Bieber. If you remember those sneak peek clips it featured female hands groping the Biebs while he whispered into ladies ears like some kind of swaggy baby lothario.

Anyways, that footage was scrapped except for about 30 seconds, which they kept at the start of his new video. He then brought in Director X and shot an entirely new video, the theme of which is a parking lot party and Bieber is King.

“I wanted to do something a little bit more mature,” Bieber told MTV after the premiere.

In the video, Bieber flirts with a brunette babe, who is probably 27, but since Bieber drives a nice car and has like a gazillion dollars, so it’s cool.

Speaking of cool cars. Bieber is presiding over some kind of rooftop dance party and drives up in his tricked out ride. I wonder if that’s Bieber’s own ride, because in real life, he owns quite the garage.

“I have a Range Rover and a Fisker,” says Bieber, “And I have a Smart Car. It just helps me get from point A to point B. I call it my little ‘swag car.’” He forgot to mention his batmobile!

There’s lots of dancing the video and lots of Bieber awkwardly flirting with his “love interest.” It’s just so hard to take him seriously when they put grown-ass women next to the pint size star.

Oh and if you look closely, you can see Bieber busting out the Cat Daddy.

Basically, Bieber plays the guitar, dances, wears cool silver shoes, does some creepy flirting, and then dances some more. Hey, at least he’s finally ditched the “music video filmed at a bowling alley” theme.

Check out the video below: