Justin Bieber Brings Christmas to the Today Show

November 23, 2011 By:
Justin Bieber Brings Christmas to the Today Show

Before you settle into your post-turkey food induced coma tomorrow afternoon, Justin Bieber stopped by the Today show to get fans dancing and bring some Christmas cheer to the cold streets of NYC.

He opened his set earlier than planned for the freezing cold fans who waited days, DAYS, in line for a chance to sit front row at this outdoor free concert. He started in with a performance of “Never Say Never” that was energetic and surprisingly non-Christmas-y for a popstar who is promoting that damn “Mistletoe” song everywhere.

Bieber stepped onto the stage wearing a jacket that was part letterman jacket and part ugly Christmas sweater and it was awesome.

But then after the first performance, Bieber was straight into Holiday mode. Usher stepped onstage and joined Bieber in a performance of their duet, “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire). Even though Bieber has complained that his voice changed and he can’t hit the high notes, Bieber soared through the falsetto like a 13-year-old girl auditioning for The X Factor.

Bieber then sang his Holiday original, “Mistletoe” and little girls in the audience were switching between screaming and sobbing while Justin Bieber moonwalked for his fans.

Then Bieber sang his pop inspired take on the classic “Santa Clause Is Coming To Town” which will be featured on the soundtrack for new movie, “Arthurs Christmas.” During this performance, I couldn’t tell if he just took some creative liberties with the lyrics, or if he forgot the words. Either way, he proved that he doesn’t lip sync.

After the mini-concert, Usher and Bieber chatted with the show’s hosts where Bieber talked his favorite Christmas gift, "I got a red bike and felt like a king" Justin continued, "I couldn't ride it because it was all snowy outside."

Usher talked Bieber’s accolades and told Matt Lauer how Bieber’s “Under The Mistletoe” is the first pop star to have a #1 Christmas Album on the Billboard charts. “He has some of the greatest fans in the world,” according to Usher.

Luckily for Bieber, the Today Show didn’t harp on the paternity drama and allowed Bieber to blab on in an inspirational way like he always does.

“For me, its about staying positive and focusing on the positives like the fans. I’m in a very blessed place. It’s powerful to think that so many people can love you so much,” gushed Bieber.

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