Justin Bieber to Collaborate with One Direction

April 5, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber to Collaborate with One Direction

Shut your mouf! It’s like the internet looked into the hearts and minds of every teenage girl and was like “what do women girls want?” and then delivered the promise of a collaboration track between tween idol Justin Bieber and new UK heart-throb sensations One Direction.

One Direction are five 18-21-year-olds from the UK who sing songs that sound like Bieber songs, except they have suspenders and probably don’t self identify as “swaggy.” But whatever, they’ll get there, don’t worry about it!

So anyways, Niall Horan from the band just tweeted “in the studio with our boy @justinbieber last night, its gona sound great!” (sic).

Ok, so I have no idea if they were hanging out with Justin to make music, or if they were just peeping his new album, because another One Directioner Liam Payne wrote, “Got a first listen to justin biebers new album yesterday wowww big songs!!! Its gunna be a smash…Expect the unexpected :0” (sic.)

However, Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun was asked on twitter if the Biebs and the boy band would team up anytime soon and he wrote:

”Very possible. He likes them and thinks they are god dudes. All people of that generation should be there to help EACHOTHER.”

Ok, great, it’s confirmed. Now, can we throw The Wanted into the mix? If you don’t know who The Wanted is, do yourself a favor and google it! And someone tell the One Direction group how to spell ‘gonna.’