Justin Bieber Considering College

July 19, 2011 By:
Justin Bieber Considering College

At just 17 years-old Justin Bieber is so successful he has enough money to buy an entire University—which has got him thinking about college.

Justin’s done so well with his tutor while on tour, he’s considering going to school like a regular kid and getting a college degree…maybe.

He said: “If it’s compatible with my career I could have a shot at it, but at the moment it’s not something I am focusing on. I travel with a tutor at all times but I am not so into school. There are some subjects I really don’t care for, such as maths.”

Biebs has had an incredible amount of success in just a few years, but he’s getting tired of people looking at him like he’s an ATM.

“People think I am a product and sort of a money machine, but it’s not true. I am an artist. I’ve been playing all sorts of instruments. It’d be cool to play bass one day.

“I love to perform and gradually my voice is changing, so I am working very closely with my vocal coach who has become like family to me.”

Everyone thought Biebs was going to be a one-hit wonder but he’s proven everyone wrong. No one is safe from Bieber fever now.