Justin Bieber Debuts First Holiday Single "Mistletoe"

October 17, 2011 By:
Justin Bieber Debuts First Holiday Single

Justin Bieber's Holiday themed album "Under The Mistletoe" drops on November 1, but Justin Bieber called into "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" this morning to personally reveal the first single off the album. Unfortunately, the single is NOT "All I want for Christmas is Justin Bieber" because that's even a real song at all but rather the personal fantasy of like a thousand preteen girls.

The official single, "Mistletoe" is a reggae tinged ballad about missing out on Christmas festivities because all you wanna do is be under the mistletoe with that special someone. It should really be titled, Horny At The Holidays, but that would be NSFJB (Not Safe For Justin Bieber).

Justin tells Ryan Seacrest. "We're trying to focus on the Christmas album and get people in the holiday spirit. All the songs have something to do with a little bit of mistletoe and having a special person in your life on Christmas."

So why a Christmas album? "My fans haven't heard my music in a long time," says Justin, "I haven't put an album out in over a year. Alot of the christmas songs on my album are new and original that my fans haven't heard before."

However, if songs about mistletoe aren't up your alley or you do something other than worship Santa Clause during the month of December, Bieber is coming out with a new album that is not Holiday specific. His new album will be called "Believe." I personally think Justin Bieber missed the opportunity to name his new album, BELIEB. Too punny? Whatever.

Back to his Holiday album. The album surprisingly boasts a number of high profile collaboration.

"I worked with Boyz II Men. I worked with Usher. I worked with The Band Perry. I worked with a lot of cool people on the album and it turned out really well," says The Biebs.

But the biggest star on the album is the princess of Christmas herself, Mariah Carey. The two will duet on Mariah's classic song, "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

"Its her song. She's been doing it for years," Justin Bieber says of her song, which is a huge understatement because I can't remember a Christmas without that damn song.

So how does Justin celebrate Christmas himself?

"We celebrate Christmas Eve on my Mom's side and then I go to my Dad's on Christmas. All my family comes to my Grandma's house and they cook dinner and we have this game that we play it's called 'Dice,'" says the pop star.