Justin Bieber Doesn't Want to Work With Kanye West

June 14, 2011 By:

Justin Bieber doesn’t want to ruin his porcelain doll image by working with Kanye West.

Kanye reached out to Justin to collaborate with him and Jay-Z on upcoming album, Watch The Throne. However, Justin thinks West is too controversial and turned down the collaboration.

A source close to Justin’s management says, “Justin likes Kanye’s music, but he’s worried he’s done too many controversial things and it would hurt his image…Kanye is known as a genius but a big risk to associate with!”

Strangely enough Justin collaborated with Chris Brown on their song Next 2 You. So, the Biebs is okay working with dudes that beat their girlfriends, but is not okay working with Kanye because he interrupts Taylor Swift award speeches and is just an all around basic douchebag?

The logic is lost on me.

Notable artists like Beyonce and Bruno Mars have agreed to collab on the upcoming Jay-Z/Kanye project. Justin Bieber really should work with Kanye. Working with Kanye might rough up his image a little and give him some actual street and music credibility to back up that fake gangsta swagger he’s got going on.

Bieber, you’re from Canada, you’re not fooling anyone with those oversized white t-shirts and gold chains.