Justin Bieber Drops New "Boyfriend" Single

March 26, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Drops New

Justin Bieber just dropped his new single, “Boyfriend” and I’m pretty sure he just crashed twitter.

Justin Bieber’s new song, “Boyfriend” proves that Bieber is not a boy, not yet a grown up. While his new song is scandalicious (lyrics like, “Tell me what you like, tell me what you don’t” sung while whispering!) the boy-wonder proves he’s still just a baby. I mean, who raps about Buzz Lightyear? Bieber does.

The song is a cross between the Ying Yang twins, because of all the whispering, and a post-N*SYNC Justin Timberlake. Between the whispering and the falsetto, we’ve heard this song before, but since Justin Bieber fans have no idea who both the Ying Yang twins or Justin Timberlake are, Bieber’s new song is fair game.

The song was co-produced and co-written by Mike Posner, who should have stopped Bieber when writing silly lyrics like “Chillin by the fire why we eatin’ fondue.” Really Bieber, was “fondue” the only possible rhyme in that situation?

This is the first new (non-Christmas) single that Bieber has dropped since his 2010 album “My World 2.0.” This new single will be on Bieber’s upcoming, and long-awaited album, “Believe.”

The song is typical Bieber, he manages to throw around the word “swag” a handful of times, including the confusing “swaggie.”
Overall, this song showcases a more mature side to the Biebs, or as Bieber says, “I’m maturing, and my music’s maturing, so I wanted to do something different.”